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Version a0.8.21.9

Current game build update: version a0.8.21.9 :

1. Many detailed global static objects have been added into the game. Mainly these are large buildings and other city elements. Part of the city has been surrounded by walls and defence towers. 5 new houses have been added into one of the city districts.

2. There has been a drastic addition to the game textural and procedural maps library with all the new textures being processed manually.

3. A few small static environmental objects added.

4. The principle of cloud formation has been completely reworked introducing new flexible dynamics as they move across the sky. (The system is operational but is to be improved visually). These clouds dynamics do not affect FPS unlike other principles of working with the sky.

5. The day/night cycle system has finally gotten into shape while being tuned the way it is appropriae for us.

6. Dynamic shadows cascades fixed.

7. Reflections fixed.

8. Player's model and skeleton have been successfully replaced with more suitable ones and are currently being tested.
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