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Prototypes added:
+ chest prototype based on a container
+ interplay with interactive objects prototype added

Minor fixes/changes:
- lateral one-handed sword blow animations fixed
- lateral one-handed sword blow animations fixed
- one-handed sword thrust flaws fixed
- attack while running bug fixed
+ new item categories added
+ thrust sound added
+ Fist Attack 2 animation added
+ Fist Attack 3 animation added
+ fist stroke sounds added
+ starting character equipment function added
+ armor changing added
+ character defence changing due to equipping armor added
+ basic damage formula added
+ melee weapon critical damage added
+ unique experience for kills added
+ armor changing sound added
+ animation for Small Chest added
+ interaction of character with chest animation added
+ "DontKnow" animation added
- a lot of "Container" inventory functioning bugs fixed
+ chest state "Closed" added, lock is automatically put on the chest
+ chest state "Need the key" added
+ "stamina" added for main hero
+ "intelligence" added for main hero
- "mana" totally removed from the game
+ inventory sorting by item categories in all inventory types
+ inventory sorting by price depending on category
+ new item categories added (axes)
+ code generation for chest/door lock added, it changes each time the game is loading
+ picking up combinations and unlocking
+ logic for a lock with a key
+ picking a lock skill added
+ when chest has something within it depicts
+ logic of dependence of picking locks
+ cancellation of picklocking, by right-click walks away from the chest
+ 1hw Attack 0 animation added
+ 1hw Attack 1 animation added

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