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Prototypes added:
+ combo attack prototype added
+ class responsible for atmosphere, weather, in-game time added
+ cLose combat prototype

Minor fixes/changes:
+ in-game pause added
+ cancellation and window closing fucntion through "Esc" added
+ ability to instantly take whole item stack in inventory with left-click added
- game packing bug fixed
+ Fist Attack 01 animation added
+ Fist Attack 02 animation added
+ Fist Parry animation added
- character rig corrected
+ moon and its functional added
+ stars on the sky added
+ items' and interactive objects' belonging to character added
+ level of mastery defines combo length
+ character body physics added
+ close combat blow function added
+ physical reaction to blow added
+ ability to sneath/unsheath weapon while turning added
- player focus on "dead" characters fixed
- player focus on items fixed
- Loot inventory for "dead" character fixed
- skill adding bug fixed
- character continuing to move after opening inventory bug fixed
- sword blow bugs fixed
+ stab added
+ blow over multiple targets added
+ sword swing animation added
+ sword stab animation added
- impossible to click stab over and over
+ running blow with one-handed sword animation added
+ running blow function added
+ use inventory items (Drink)
+ drinking animation added
- "Loot" inventory bug fixed
+ sweep of the sword sounds added

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